My Noda 2016 presentation

These are the questions we need to answer every time we start making special layout for the web.
– Text or non-text?
– Ration or emotion?
– Linear or non-linear?
– Video or no-video?
– Scroll events or click events?
– One part vs multipart?
– Free flow or snap to view?


Snow Fall (2012)
Text, emotion, linear, video, scroll events, multipart, freeflow


Prehistoric examples
Example 1998: Beaty operations (Linear, non-text, no-video, emotion)


Example 1999: Nuclear power plant (Linear, text, video)


Example 2001: Drag queens (Non-linear, non-text, multipart)


Modern examples
2013/2 30 days as muslim (Linear, audio, one part)


2013/3 Poverty in Finland (Linear, one part)


2013/4 Covers of HS magazine 30 years (Non-linearish, non-text)


2013/7 Former president mannerheim love letters (Linear, audio)



2013/7 Famous band’s last summer (Linear, non-text, emotion, audio)


2013/10 The magician(Linear, scroll events, video)


2013/10 A boy milks a cow in nigaragua (Linear + scroll)


2014/1 Determine to what class you belong to (Nonlinear, emotion)


2014/5 Deep – divers in cave (Linear, text, video, emotion)


2014/6 Story of Edvard Munch as web comic (Non-text, linear, freeflow)


2014/9 Estonia 20 years (Emotion, text, video)


2015/1 Auschwitz 70 years (Emotion, text, video) – LEARNINGS TRANSFERRED TO MAIN CMS


2015/5 The heart attack as it happened (Emotion, text, video)


2015/5 Close-up on mosquitoes (Linear, video, snap to view)


2015/5 Story of Jesus (Linear, non-text, video)


2015/9 World comparsion (Non-linear, non-text)


2015/10 Evolution game (Non-linear)


2015/11 Climate change (Non-linear, text)


2015/12 Star wars Helsinki (Non-text, emotion, video)


2015/12 Recipe visualization (Non-text, non-linear)


2016/3 Vertical pictures (non-text, snap, emotion)


2016/2 Isis game (non-text, snap, emotion)


What have I learned so far
– The purpose of elements in special layout elements is to support text.
– The flatter the better.
– Emotion rocks. Video rocks.
– Its not user experience, it’s reader experience. (Georgia Panagiotidou)
– Apps suck.


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